Our courses for young adults with disabilities

What are my plans after SPED? What are my talents? Konekt helps you to answer these questions. Throughout Flanders, we organise practical courses for high-school dropouts with a mental disability, ASD and/or ABI. In these courses, you find out your strengths and you discover new things. Together we build the future you want.

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Konekt co begeleider kleuterklas

Programme Co-supervisor in preschool

Who is it for?

You are 18 years or older. You need cognitive support (you have a mental disability, autism, ABI…) and you love working with children.

What is it?

The programme ‘Co-supervisor in preschool’ consists of 14 days of training and an internship. The programme teaches you to get to know and use your talents. We learn about what it takes to work in a preschool and we take a look at your preferred tasks. Afterwards, you will do an internship at a preschool in your neighbourhood.

Where and when?

In Ghent, Leuven, Hasselt, Bruges en Antwerp.
Our programme starts in September en continues until June.

Jongeren brake out

Brake-Out: a 3-year learning programme for adolescents with spunk

Who is it for?

You are in between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. You need cognitive support (mental disability, autism, ABI…) and are looking forward to a vibrant future.

What is it?

Brake-Out is a learning programme that lasts 3 years. Together with peers, coaches and supporters, we start looking for your talents and interests. We take specific steps to help you realise your dream for the future. Brake-Out helps you become more self-confident, pushes your boundaries and expands your network.

Where does it takes place?

Brake-Out comes together twice a week. You can join groups in Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp and Bruges. We are also planning on expanding to Hasselt.

Lisez plus sur Brake-Out

Discover what you can do in those 3 years of Brake-Out. Read stories of young adults who follow the programme and request an introductory interview.

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Platform k opleiding

Dance programme at Platform-K

Who is it for?

Young adults with disabilities who are bursting with talent and ambition to grow professionally in dance. The programme is aimed at enthusiasts aged 17 or older.

What is it?

Twice a week, we huddle into our dance studio in Ghent for a mix of contemporary dance, yoga and physical training. We show the things we learn during demonstration moments. The experienced dancers participate in dance productions at home and abroad.

Where and when?

Every Wednesday, you can discover the dance star in you and grow at your own pace, near Ghent St. Pieters. Every September, we offer try-out classes for interested dancers.

Find out more about Platform-K

Watch the photos and videos of past performances and projects. Find out how you can apply to become a dancer.

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