Programme offer for supervisors, teachers and counsellors

Improve your qualities as a counsellor with our one-day courses and multi-day programmes throughout Flanders. Increase your knowledge and expertise in supporting people with disabilities. Get to know a strengths-based approach inspired by talents.

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Our teachers will work with you interactively

Konekt teaches you a modern vision on the guidance of people with disabilities. We introduce you to a strengths-based approach inspired by talents, both for your client as well as yourself and your team. Our training sessions are interactive: you return home with practical tools, which can immediately be applied in your job.

Our courses revolve around 3 major themes:

  • Learning to supervise clients better
  • Growing stronger as a supervisor or a team
  • Making your organisation more inclusive

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Courses for a better assistance of clients

Live life to the fullest in an inclusive world. That is what we are all about at Konekt. These courses provide you with the tools to improve the quality of life of your clients.

Using a strengths-based approach to deal with behaviour

One in two disabled people copes with emotional of behavioural problems. We provide you with insight and methods to approach certain behaviour in a strengths-based way. To help your supervisors breathe a little.

Relationships and sexuality

It is not always easy to talk about relationships and sexuality with disabled people, or to talk about the desire to have children. In these courses, we like to break the taboo around themes that embarrass others.

Support through different stages of life

It can sometimes be difficult for counsellors to start the conversation when certain themes in life arise. These courses help you discuss themes such as saying goodbye, palliative care, dementia, the desire to have children, grief, sexuality....

Collaboration with parents

Triangulation describes the triangular relationship of the parents/family, the client and the professionals. Learn about the collaboration with the natural network and how to make it as efficient and pleasant as possible for everyone.

Konekt immersed us in the ever changing healthcare system in a creative and professional way.
Rachèl Bruysten, director Care and Service Viro

Courses to improve as a team or a supervisor

It is only possible to take care of others if you take good care of yourself first, both for yourself as a supervisor as well as the team you are a part of.

Become a better supervisor

Learn how to maintain boundaries as a supervisor, how to separate the important issues from the less important ones and how to manage your time. Expose your talents as a supervisor and a colleague.

Improve your teamwork

How can you respond to trends in your organisation as a team? How do you make sure that all colleagues are doing what they are best at? How do you get started with projects in co-design? Konekt will work interactively with your team.

After following the train-the-trainer “Make your organisation inclusive”, I got started immediately. We’re now approaching inclusion more consciously in our youth movement
Debbie, staff member at Joetz

Make your organisation inclusive

Disabled people are frequently – often unknowingly – excluded in many situations. Konekt tries to guide society towards inclusion through inspiring actions and collaboration trajectories.

Tools and coaching

Is your organisation or company interested in giving disabled people the opportunity to take on an active role? Could you use some advice on the implementation of an inclusive employee policy? Konekt has several tools and coaching formulas to help you. Take a look at the offer

Immerse yourself

Our immersion courses let you experience the everyday life of someone with a physical and/or mental disability. Afterwards, we will take a look at the ‘quick wins’ that can make your organisation more accessible, quickly and easily. Take a look at the offer

A personalised course? It’s possible.

Have you found a programme that you would like to get started on with your colleagues and clients? Konekt is happy to come to your organisation, school or company for a personal session. Our colleague Marijn Leroy will be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

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