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Would you like to get started on an inclusive and future-proof employee policy? Would you like to deploy volunteers with disabilities in your organisation? Konekt can help you in different ways.

Inclusie in bedrijven

Konekt introduces you to an inclusive operation

Everyone – with or without disabilities – can do their part in an organisation or company. While one person might like logistical tasks and enjoys taking on this role, someone else might be better at working with groups. Our experts – with or without disabilities – are happy to share their knowledge and teach you how to remove barriers for volunteers or employees with disabilities.

  • Check how well your organisation is doing with our bar scan
  • Download the Toolbox 'Make your organisation inclusive'
  • Step into the shoes of a disabled person by following the immersion course
Doe de lattenscan

Exactly how inclusive is your company? Check it with the online bar scan!

Imagine this: you would like to go shopping, but you’re not allowed into your favourite shop because your hair is red. Or because you like poetry. Or because you don’t like spaghetti. Disabled people are measured by these bars every day. How high is the bar set in your organisation or company?

7 short questions

Our 7 questions give you a fist impression of the strengths and challenges in your organisation in terms of accessibility. Concrete examples help you to assess which areas are already at their best. But also where you can still remove barriers.

Do the bar scan (Dutch)
Toolbox maak je organsiatie inclusief

Download the Toolbox ‘Make your organisation inclusive’

Is your organisation, company or school interested in giving disabled people the opportunity to take on an active role? Could you use some advice on the implementation of an inclusive employee policy?

Full roadmap to an inclusive operation

Do you want to move towards an inclusive policy, but you do not know where to start? Then you can use the Toolbox ‘Make your organisation inclusive’. With the help of a clear step-by-step plan, you can discover from A to Z how to navigate your organisation or company towards inclusion.

With the help of tools and methodologies

Besides the roadmap, the toolbox provides you with a wide range of tools and methodologies, all of which are ready to be implemented right away, in your own way.

Download the free toolbox (Dutch)

Immerse yourself

Our immersion courses let you experience the everyday life of someone with a physical and/or mental disability. This personal experience makes it easier to provide solutions afterwards, thereby facilitating the accessibility to your organisation or company for disabled people.

Opt for the quick wins

Sometimes it does not take a lot of effort to make a world of difference. After the immersion, you will undoubtedly discover quick wins that you can get started with immediately. Are you interested? Our colleague Marijn Leroy will be happy to organise an immersion course.

Contact Marijn