A focus on talent

Our society still focuses too much on what disabled people cannot do, instead of identifying their talents and stimulating their interests. Konekt finds its foundation in the unconditional belief that people, organisations and practices flourish when the focus lies on what is going well. Together we find the area that needs some support, in order to live, learn and work to the fullest.

Talent konekt

talent in action

ta-lent in ac-tion
(the; plural: talents in action)

• the natural ability to be good at something and to do it gladly

• something that everyone possesses
• talent + behaviour + context = talent in action

Talent whisperer

Your batteries recharge when you do what you do best. It gives you a positive self-image, more resilience and self-confidence. You know which support you need to shine and to take on an active role in society, but also how to be resilient with things you are not good at.

Talent whisperer Luk Dewulf is familiar with talents and their development. He inspires Konekt to always look at things through talent spectacles. We apply this philosophy to all our activities: to both the disabled students and their network as well as our partners and our own colleagues.

Our courses for young adults with disabilities

Throughout Flanders, Konekt organises practical courses for high-school dropouts with a mental disability, ASD and/or ABI. As a student, you learn about your strengths and you discover new things. Together, we build the future you want.

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How can you align your guidance with a strengths-based approach?

We also provide a training offer for professionals, in which we teach you our modern vision on the guidance of disabled people. We introduce you to a strengths-based approach inspired by talents, both for your client as for yourself and your team.

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