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Leef voluit in een inclusieve wereld EN

Imagine this: you’re twelve years old and you want to become a kindergarten teacher. Or a professional dancer.

That’s impossible. Because you have an intellectual disability.

People with disabilities are unknowingly excluded. They don’t get the chance to be an active member of society.

Live life to your full potential in an inclusive world.
That is what Konekt strives to do.

You can also be a part of that. With or without disability.

· Work from your talent: get a job in a normal working environment.

· Untangle: start working on topics that get under your skin.

· Connect from your passion: discover and develop your talent with others.

· Build (make) an inclusive world: take steps towards a world for everyone.

Konekt focusses on education, dance and creating awareness.

“My dream is to have a girlfriend and a paid job.”